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Welcome to our new web site, which now incorporates all of the practices of Atrius Health – Dedham Medical Associates, Granite Medical Group, and Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates – and details about VNA Care. I feel these College presidents need to show a little bit spine. Last year Columbia University’s president allowed for President Ahmadinejad to speak, and he held his ground for the same reason that Notre Dame’s president ought to. Universities are purported to be places the place all affordable viewpoints are introduced and debated, and the students who disagree with Obama ought to go and see him communicate after which make a judgement (BTW the identical goes for McCain or anyone you disagree with). The scholars of Notre Dame students should have a look at this as their last likelihood to study one thing from one of many more formidable minds of our time.

I used to be a proud republican and hate to admit it now, but I voted for Bush the first time however definitely not the second time. And I used to be a McCain supporter until he selected this Palin for his VP. I found it an insult to the American Individuals and a political act for ladies votes. I’m dissatisfied in McCain, no disenchanted shouldn’t be the word, however insulted by McCain and Rove. So yes, I asked the identical questions of Clinton, but a minimum of he directed the country effectively. Palin is harmful and shouldn’t be near the White Home and ought to be faraway from the ticket and as governor of Alaska. You see I’m a type of extremely rights but with a sense of honesty and assume that is simply too harmful for the American People. So once again, I’m forced to vote towards my social gathering.

Wow, Palin abuses her energy to fire a state trooper, woop-dee-doo. I am extra concerned about people believing in Obama and his false messages. The things he preaches are the identical factor all politicians preach, but it’s hardly ever ever exercised or approached. The one time they get one thing completed is when it is to late, similar to our economic system. Do not believe in Obama and HIS agenda because it’s all about power to him. He will lead this country into extra termoil and with a name like Barrack Hussien Obama, it could be a disgrace to this nation. I have by no means seen a lot spam from the Obama campaigne and now he is buying up primetime and to me he is simply making an attempt to brainwash individuals into pondering his is the chosen one. He is nothing, however a younger lawyer who feeds on his personal egotistic way of life while blinding his supporters with garbage.

This is part of a larger difficulty. As this latest sordid chapter in “Hockey Mother involves Washington” so clearly illustrates, Sarah Failin’ is unfit for national workplace. Even worse, McCain is even MORE mentally unfit to be POTUS. His constant pattern of rash, impulsive, reckless conduct has been amply documented in many locations. Palin is wholly dishonest, a real newbie, and spectacularly unprepared to be the VEEP or the President. Now she has been called out on it by Repubs and Democrats, and by the media too. Furthermore, McCain’s alternative of her as his running mate is totally reckless and selfish: his political profession is more necessary than country.

You can vote for whomever you like, however you must no less than have the true facts. She did not “lie” or “violate” any regulation. At worse, she fell beneath the standard of care on ethics pointers and should have reigned Todd in. As I stated above, however, I’d have protected my sister with a firearm personally. I personally do not agree that the firing was legal or moral, I’m solely stating what the report mentioned and making an attempt to get it into your brain that the two conclusions usually are not mutually exclusive.

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